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What is Sustainable Outdoor Lighting? Sunlight is free, but lighting at night is not. There is a cheaper way to light up the night!                

Light pollution — the artificial sky glow that dims the stars — now affects 63 percent of the world's population and 99 percent of people living in European Union and continental United States, according to some estimates. The Milky Way is not visible in most cities, much less a meteor shower, Orion's shield, or, in the biggest cities, the North Star.

Outdoor lighting is an indispensable element of modern civilized societies for safety, recreation, and decorating purposes.

However, poorly designed lighting system and excessive illumination level lead to a huge waste of energy and money. Any misuse of electric lighting not serving its originally intended purposes means a huge waste of energy and resources of the Earth. It is not uncommon to  find poorly designed outdoor security light not using a
lamp shade so that only a small fraction of light generated is directed to the ground, with a majority of light directed upwards towards the sky. These poorly designed outdoor lightings not only waste energy, money, and valuable earth resources, but also rob us of our beautiful night sky. The saved electricity from improper outdoor lighting would also means less air pollution, which can then reduce global warming caused by the power generation process.

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